Being a contemporary Job Seeker.

Today being registered with the Job Center is like entering the ‘Work House’, you don’t have to live there to feel terrified every time you enter the place. I have nick named the place ‘Azckaban’ courtesy of J.K Rowling, who also experienced life at the raw end.  The fear I have  of being ‘Sanctioned’ it’s worse than I felt as a child being given a detention.

If you are sanctioned, unlike a criminal, who has committed a crime, you have no defense, no solicitor you can call upon, like the homeless person who was charged for vagrancy and begging, there is very little support legally, due to costs.  As an individual you just have to bear the consequences.  Of course you think it may never happen, however from week one I was threatened by the decision maker!

For the first offence, no money or national contributions paid for a month, second offence, no money or national contributions paid for thirteen weeks, for the fourth offence no money or national contributions paid for twenty-six weeks and for the final offence no money paid for three years.  This is to force people to comply with the regulations, it’s a form of cruel crucifixion.  I have told a friend I shall wear ‘Sanctions’ like  a cross if the worst comes to the worst, there are no second chances or means to amend ones behavior or even external regulatory bodies to ensure good standards of care like schools, care homes or GP surgeries have. They are not accountable for their cruelties or vindictiveness, which makes me angry at the injustice.

There are no rewards for good behavior, it is a place where hope has been devoured and upon entering this realm and having a ‘panic attack’, I was informed that the mental health of people in my situation soon deteriorate fast, by one of the Job Center employers.  They are a law unto themselves and I stand as a witness to the bullying, cruelty inflicted upon me and others who have lost or left jobs due to stress or redundancy.  Yet I shall stay on their books, fighting panic attacks, anxiety and stress as I am not going to let them defeat me.  Since I am now under the mental health team, I feel a sense of relief, that if things get dire for me as they do for many, then I can use that card.  However I am not going to give in to being bullied by a cruel regime, the longer I remain unemployed, the more evidence they are providing me, due to the way I am treated on a regular basis.


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